Things To Consider When Looking For A Professional Dermatologist

Who is a Dermatologist? A dermatologist is a Doctor who diagnoses and treat the skin, scalp, nails and related conditions. Dermatologist cure or treat: acne, cold sores, skin diseases, psoriasis, rashes/skin lesions, hair loss and other skin disease such as fungal infections and benign skin tumors. Dermatologist also remove tattoos and administer cosmetic treatments for skin wrinkles and scars.

Things to consider when looking for a professional Dermatologist

1. Experience

Investigate but do not concentrate on how many years of experience the dermatologist has, but consider their experiences. Ensure the dermatologist has sufficient experiences or enough number of clients who can testify to the quality of services provided.

2. Credibility

Establish the credibility of the derma doctor. Merely looking at a piece of paper that he/she is a registered doctor is not enough. Ensure that the Dermatologist has won several awards in recognition for excellence in this field or has held professional positions and leadership roles in a reputable association of dermatologists in Nigeria.

3. Success rate

Ask for the success rate. Ensure that the dermatologist’s success rate is above 70%. Do not just ask the previous client how he/she can be guaranteed excellence status. Ask a previous client how satisfied he/she was with dermatologist’s services.

4. Patient satisfaction

Do not just ask the client to sit and wait for the completion of the treatment. Ask a previous client how satisfied he/she was with the treatment.

5. Reputation

Try to contact some previous clients who the Dermatologist has treated so that you can get a fair idea of his/her work system.

6. Locations, services and geographical area

Look for the dermatologist in your area and ensure that you have given the dermatologist enough time to take your case.

7. Fees

Ask what fees the derma doctor charges. Do not just accept the Dermatologist’s offer.


Consider all the points stated above before you select a Dermatologist. Note that the success of your treatment depends on the way the dermatologist listens to you patiently, how he/she analyzes your problem, at what point he/she suggests the methods for treatment.