Nowadays many people suffer from daily stress, anxiety, back pain, excessive weight, lack of sleep, and many other problems that harm the general well-being of all people, and not only that, all these problems also over time directly affect the overall health. The vast majority of people suffering from these problems prefer to turn to pills and not to other natural ways that can solve these problems. Yoga has the particularity to offer incredible benefits that help improve overall wellness, and it gets many benefits. It is difficult to practice yoga, but don’t worry about that, if you are a beginner, you are in the right place. Here you can get a list of the 9 best yoga programs for beginners, with these programs you are going to become a yoga expert.

1. 3-Week Absolute Beginner Yoga Program

This yoga program is ideal for absolute beginners, this is a 3-week program for inflexible people. The main objective of this yoga program is to help people like you learn yoga from the comfort of your own home.

2. Beginner Yoga 101

This program offers five classes that progressively teach the basic concepts of Hatha yoga, a combination of physical postures, deep breathing and meditation (relaxation).

3. Beginner Power Yoga w/ Jackie

It progressively teaches the basics of power yoga, a style of energetic yoga that involves breath, movement, strength and flexibility. This program also functions as a kind of refresher on postural alignment.

4. Basic Beginner Yoga Program

This program is basically aimed at people who want to learn yoga, this is a very basic program that explains the basic and initial positions of yoga. It has 7 classes for beginners.

5. Beginner's Journey Program

This program basically offers an explanation of the basic principles and concepts of yoga. Although, this is an intense program because it is of long duration because it has 14 classes, and it also explains the right places where you should do yoga.

6. Yoga Brain Game

He explains that the brain-body connection is the most important in yoga. If you want to do yoga in the best way, this beginner’s program would be ideal for you, it is of short duration.

7. Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

It mainly explains the correct position during yoga exercises, as well as the alignment of the body position which is a key and fundamental point in yoga. This helps you avoid a fracture or injury.

8. Hummingbird Flow

This program allows you to relax during the morning or during the afternoon thanks to an excellent explanation of exercises to start yoga in the morning.

9. Sun Salutation Breakdown

This class of a specific yoga exercise and position is ideal for beginners who want to improve posture and begin practicing yoga to improve inner peace.