David Yurman’s men’s accessories blend functionality with style. Made of 925 sterling silver, the Waves Dagger Lapel Pin adds an edgy sophistication to any outfit. Also crafted from sterling silver, the Life and Death Dual Keychain reflects the duality of existence with a unique skull and flower design. The Forged Carbon Carabiner Keychain is made of carbon and sterling silver, making it durable and stylish.

1. Waves Dagger Lapel Pin

The Waves Dagger Lapel Pin is a striking accessory from David Yurman. Crafted from sterling silver, the pin features a wave-like dagger design, adding a touch of edgy sophistication to any ensemble.

2. Life and Death Duality Keychain

This keychain showcases the duality of life and death through a unique skull and flower design. Made from sterling silver, it’s a thoughtful accessory that goes beyond functionality.

3. Forged Carbon Carabineer Keychain

The Forged Carbon Carabineer Keychain combines practicality with a sleek design. Made from carbon and sterling silver, it’s a durable accessory that adds a stylish touch to everyday essentials.

4. Streamline® Cushion Cufflinks

The Streamline® Cushion Cufflinks are a classic addition to any formal attire. Made from sterling silver, their cushion-shaped design exudes elegance and sophistication.

5. Meteorite Faceted Round Cufflinks

These cufflinks feature meteorite stones set in sterling silver. Their faceted round design adds a unique, cosmic touch to any outfit.

6. Deco Cufflinks

The Deco Cufflinks from David Yurman are inspired by the Art Deco era. Crafted from sterling silver, they add a vintage charm to modern-day attire.

7. Chevron Money Clip

The Chevron Money Clip is a sleek and practical accessory. Made from sterling silver, it features a chevron pattern, adding a stylish touch to a functional piece.

8. Exotic Stone Belt Buckle

The Exotic Stone Belt Buckle is a statement piece. Crafted from sterling silver and featuring an exotic stone, it adds a bold touch to any outfit.